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Tailgate Dining

A Eurovan customer requested a design that included a set of drawer boxes for their hatch space. Using walnut hardwood with a food safe finish applied, this functional design gave them an easy access all-in-one equipment storage, camping kitchen, and activities table.

Photo Nov 25, 4 03 04 AM.jpg
Cundiff with Bernie.jpg

When all was said and done, our customer was very happy to get a few extra added features that were not in their budget.

Variation of the original concept

This animation was the original concept I created that gained  our client's initial interest and confidence. The few revisions made to this design were inspired by their personal needs and their desire for raw black walnut anywhere I could work it into the design.

Previsualization animation

A rendered animation helped to convey the final look and feel for Kelly and Reed before they purchased this upgrade.

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