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MyBoo accessories are lightweight, compact in size and sustainably made for van life traveling, mini homes and a minimalist mindset.

Maximize the functionality of your wall space.

VID_ My Boo Wine Rack Accessory POST.jpg
Van ID Phone Pocket.jpg

Do more with less.

  •  Phone Pockets are 10.5” wide x 5.5” high x 1.25” deep overall.

  • They create a safe place for cell phones away from spillage and potential drop accidents while recharging or in use.

  • You can watch movies and see incoming notification hands free in any kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.◦ You can w

  • Eliminate your need for extra long cables by mounting it near a wall outlet.

  • Handmade of sustainable carbonized solid bamboo with a natural oil-wax finish that is water and dirt resistant.

  • Holds any cell phone that is 3” wide maximum and 3/4” thick, like iPhones.  For different phones, please call.

  • Comes with two built-in cable holders and 4 countersunk screws.

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