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Van Interior Design is a design, fabrication, and installation service focused on functional furniture for tiny spaces. We specialize in travel friendly components that accommodate kitchen appliances and system equipment for your camping car, van, trailer or mini home.


From built-in storage solutions to organizers and accessories, custom woodworking and cabinetry maximizes the functionality and efficiency of any living space. And when precisely designed to our client's specifications, there are many options along with personal benefits.

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What makes us different?

At VanID, we aim to reflect your individual personality. We are not a cookie cutter option.

As a formally trained and licensed Interior Designer, Tito passionately designs a build to reflect the customers qualities, values and personal experiences. His journey in the van-life community started when he purchased his 1976 VW Westfalia camper for his family before Covid was a thing. Experiencing camping and fishing in "Goldie" changed his mindset for work and pleasure and has since reset his direction and purpose.


Where is the shop located?

We partner with Campers N.W. in Kirkland WA. Our seasoned design and technical team are conveniently near Seattle located along highway 405. Call us for a design consultation in our custom build showroom.


Why offers this service?

We all have our own unique quirks and traits, as well as personal preferences and style for sharing pieces of ourselves with those around us. The natural instinct of sharing and self-expression drives what so many people enjoy most in life. How we share and express ourselves to others forms the basis of our personality.


Through seasonal camping experiences in our personal vans, we understand the issues that will enhance or plague a camper’s experience during an outdoor adventure in the PNW. It is our collective mission to outfit your van or trailer with reliable gear, personal comfort, modern efficiency and stylish design. We take pride in our work so that you can feel proud of your van or trailer while enjoying some peace and quiet with peace of mind.


What is our process?
After an initial design consultation, drawings and models are created for your project to specifically address your personal needs, interests and unique van-life challenges. After reviewing the design with you, a deposit begins the process of creating custom-made components out of carefully selected materials, such as hardwood, plywood, bamboo, insulation and Corian, to name a few. Specialty lighting and other electronics, like upgraded power source, can be mixed in as needed.


From small accessories to a full van interior rebuild, all projects are important and are prioritized to get you back on the road to fun and freedom. Contact VanID to discuss how we can help give your beloved van new purpose with an upgraded interior that is designed to enhance your van life experiences. Off season is always the most optimal time to schedule a van interior project.

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