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Photo Gallery of Work

From small storage solutions to built-in features and optimizers, custom wood cabinets of all kind can quickly maximize the functionality and efficiency of a small living space. The options are nearly endless. And if that isn't enough, custom wood accessories can be handmade to your unique specifications. CALL FOR A QUOTE.

Appliance Storage

Compact Kitchen

Cooler Storage Pullout and Bench

Tom Toilet Box VanID.jpg

Porta Potti Cabinet

Custom Pullouts


Tailgate Dining

Pullout Tray

Pullout Box

Material Upgrades


Mobile Office 

EVC Bamboo Panel Set.png

Bamboo Panel Upgrade

Small Accessories


Pullout Spice / Can Rack

Custom Caddy

VID_ My Boo Wine Rack Accessory.jpg
Bamboo Wine Rack
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